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How long is the FNP program? When will I graduate?
Please review the sample matriculation plans to get an idea of some of the options for completing the program at a variety of speeds, using the campus or the distance/online version of the FNP program.

Do many students take advantage of the online courses or the distance FNP program option?
Many local, campus-based students take one or more online courses for convenience or scheduling purposes. Approximately 50 percent of our FNP students are enrolled exclusively in the online program. Since 1994, well over 400 FNPs have graduated and about one-third used the online option. Online students take the same courses as do campus based students.

I live in another state. May I apply?
Out-of-state applicants for the online FNP program are considered on a case-by-case basis.

If I am an online/distance student in the FNP program, how often will I be required to go to the Duke University campus?
At the beginning of the semester, an orientation day is conducted. It is very helpful for distance students to attend Orientation—but not required. The Physical Assessment course (N332) has 3 campus weekends of required attendance. These are scheduled about one weekend a month and the specific dates are planned well in advance. There are no other required attendances for the program.

What kind of computer skills do I need?
A computer and internet access are required of campus and online students. Most of the campus-based courses have some online content and DUSON official communication with all students is by e-mail. The DUSON Web site has the basic computer and internet configurations needed. Also, prior to enrolling in your courses, you will complete a tutorial to assure that your computer is configured with the software and programs needed to access your courses and communicate with faculty and classmates.

Will I need to visit the Duke University campus?
Applicants are encouraged to come to the Duke University School of Nursing campus for a personal interview/information session, and to tour the Duke University campus; however this is not required.

Where will my clinical sites be located?
Our Clinical Placement office arranges placements that meet both program and course objectives. Due to the demand from the many health and nursing programs in North Carolina and across the country, you may have to travel up to two hours from your home for your clinical experiences. Options for clinicals in the FNP program include community-based primary care/family practice, internal medicine, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecological practices. You may be precepted by a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or a physician. Most of our preceptors have worked with us for years and are well aware of the DUSON program requirements.

What are the clinical practice requirements in the program?
The Family Nurse Practitioner program's total clinical hours of 816 meet or exceed the requirements for national certification exams and meet or exceed the requirements for registration in every state. Your clinical experience will culminate in a FNP Residency, a 400 hour rotation of precepted clinical in a family practice.