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HIV/AIDS Specialty


12 credit hours

The HIV/AIDS specialty is designed to fulfill the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to reduce the number of new infections, help people with HIV stay healthy by increasing their access to care, and reduce HIV-related health disparities. The HIV/AIDS nurse practitioner specialty is open to newly enrolled and currently enrolled students in the adult-gerontology nurse practitioner or family nurse practitioner APRN majors in the MSN program. It is also available to students with the same majors who are enrolled in the Duke DNP Program. The distance-based specialty curriculum includes 12 credit hours of foundational and clinical courses that address the prevention, care, and treatment of adults living with HIV infection and AIDS, including those dually diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis B or C. A minimum of 392 clinical hours is required for completion of the specialty. The final synthesis course includes a HIV-specific clinical practicum in or near the student’s home community under the mentorship of an experienced clinician in the specialty.

Duke University School of Nursing students interested in adding the HIV/AIDS specialty to their academic file must complete the HIV/AIDS Specialty Enrollment Form. This form must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Student Services no later than 10 days prior to the start of the semester.

Employment Preparation

The HIV specialty prepares students to manage the full spectrum of primary health care needs of HIV-infected adolescents and adults in a variety of outpatient clinical settings such as community health centers, Ryan White-funded HIV clinics, infectious disease specialty clinics, health department clinics, and academic medical centers.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Didactic instruction in HIV/AIDS pathophysiology, pharmacotherapy, psychosocial issues, and clinical management
  • Up to 392 HIV-specific clinical practicum hours in or near students’ home communities
  • Visits to the Duke campus each semester for intensive inter-professional group learning experiences complement the online learning and clinical practicum experiences

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