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Sample Matriculation Plans

The matriculation plan ("Mat Plan") is a document that charts your academic course progress from entry to graduation. These documents can be used to assist current and prospective students in understanding the DUSON curriculum and academic expectations and help new and current students complete the Long Range Plan in the ACES registration system. Newly admitted students are encouraged to print, complete and have this document available when entering courses into the ACES Long Range Plan.

It is important to note that many of DUSON’s courses are offered in multiple modes—on-campus, online and distance-based—and not all courses are offered in each mode during every semester. To determine the mode and semester the course will be taught, please review the Duke University School of Nursing Master Course Listing (PDF).


MSN and Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

Post Master's Certificate, Post Graduate Certificate and Non-Degree

  • Please contact your faculty advisor for more information.

Nurse Anesthesia-DNP