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Mass Immunization

The day started with the groups split between two Community Health Clinics ready to administer mass immunizations.  Most of the group members were pretty nervous about this because we would be administering to the pediatric population of Plaridel.  It was comforting to have our UST counterparts with us since they had been administering vaccinations for over 3 years and were able to share their expertise to us Duke Students. 

Jubilee Homes Plaridel

The walk from the Community Health Clinic to the Jubilee Homes of Plaridel was a short stroll of 500meters.  Upon entering their guarded gate, we were greeted with waving American Flags and a beautiful welcome sign for UST and DUSON Global Immersion.  The children seemed to be in the hundreds, and were ready to smile and hold onto your arms, legs, and hands.  We were told later that this was the first time for some they have ever seen American’s in person.  The homes and families we spent the afternoon with lived in some of the most humbling conditions any of us had ever seen.  One family lived without electricity and running water, and another without electricity for the past 4 years.  We got the chance to buy our family groceries and cook lunch with them.  Most families did not have any furniture and the average household slept 8 people to a room.      

Filipino Traditional Games

After spending most of the afternoon with our families we gathered in their open-air chapel area to prepare for the traditional Filipino games.  They seemed simple, however we quickly realized just how challenging, and skilled and coordinated you really had to be in order to play.  We ended the evening with a “baboy” or “pig” chase, which was the highlight of the day!  Overall it was an amazing day, and we are looking forward to spending more time with our families at the Jubilee Homes.