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Restructured Health Care

Yesterday we learned about the three levels of the Restructured Health Care System, and today we were able to see the primary level in action. We were stationed at two of the Rural Health Units, which focused on prevention and supplied the community with out patient care. This care came at little to no cost, depending on whether the patient was covered by the PhilHealth insurance. Patients were able to come to the clinic for simple things, such as prescription refills or to receive medications for their current chief complaints, and did not have to wait for a long time for a consultation.

Before we began helping in the Rural Health Units, we received a talk on the relatively new program began with the help of the mayor of Plaridel. The program is geared toward reducing the maternal and child death rates in the barangay. Components of this program include prenatal check ups, exclusive breastfeeding consultations, postnatal home visits, and even bilateral tubal ligation, all of which are provided at no charge.  I found this especially interesting as maternal and newborn health care what I am most interested in pursuing upon graduation.  So naturally, when an expectant mother came into the clinic, I was quite excited to inquire about her pregnancy and assist in her prenatal visit. Overall, this day was quite rewarding and allowed me the opportunity to exhibit the skills I learned in Fundamentals and Maternity.