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Truly Immerse Yourself In the Local Culture

We started the day at Mass in celebration of UST’s Nurses Week. Then we toured around the campus with Mama Beth Cortez and our UST buddies.

Conference call (in-person meeting) with the Dean . She gave us her perspective on nursing in the US and how to avoid burnout. She suggested that we “be kind to yourself” and take vacations when you can. She also said nursing is a great field to “truly immerse” yourself into local cultures. We plan to do just that during this trip!

Afterwards, we were shuffled to a lecture hall where we were given a brief but thorough overview of the Philippine Health Care system.

After midday lunch with our UST buddies at Yellow Cab pizza we headed back to our dorm to prepare for our 2-hour bus trip to Plaridel, Bulacan for our week in the community. Along the way we stopped at two churches that had historical significance, the Malolos Cathedral and the Barasoain Church. Our community nurse liaison Earl Sumile informed us that the Barasoain Church was built in 1888 and is considered the “Cradle of Democracy in the East”. This church was the site of the First Philippine Republic. Earl wanted to show us how important religion is to the Philippine culture.

Shortly, after that we arrived to our hotel and had dinner and conference at Chow King. Overall, the day involved a lot of travel and exploring.