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Using a student-centered approach, the Center for Nursing Discovery provides a variety of avenues of instructional methodology, including

  • Simulation using high fidelity (or "lifelike") adult mannequins
  • Pediatric mannequins
  • Role-playing
  • Self-instruction
  • Faculty-assisted instruction
  • Procedural task trainers to develop specific hands-on skills
  • Standardized patients (trained actors)
  • Use of innovative, state-of-the art multimedia.

Students can select various methods based on their learning styles to broaden assessment, communication, psychomotor, and cognitive skills within a safe environment.

Practice in the CND, along with their clinical experiences, will help students move towards development of their own evidence-based nursing practice, achieving the ultimate goal of becoming clinical leaders in providing excellent patient care.

Key components of the Center for Nursing Discovery include:

The Helene Fuld Health Trust Lab for Clinical Training, with 11 beds (including a birthing bed with fully computerized OB simulation mannequin and a dedicated ICU area) provides case study capacity utilizing computerized and non-computerized adult and child mannequins and task trainers for interdisciplinary simulated patient care scenarios.

The Ruby L. Wilson Patient Assessment Lab is a state-of-the-art 12-bed physical examination facility.

The spacious (over 3000 square feet) CND facilities support instructions in the Accelerated BSN and Master's programs of the Duke University School of Nursing, and also provide opportunities for learning in the larger community, including ongoing team training with medical, physical therapy, and physician assistant students using high fidelity simulation and role-playing.

In collaborative efforts, the CND is partnering with other local schools of nursing that do not have high fidelity simulators to make its resources for simulation learning available to their students. Additionally, in collaboration with the Duke Area Health Education Center (AHEC) the CND hosts high school and middle school students participating in health careers summer camps, so that they can experience patient scenarios before observing in the hospital.