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CND Equipment and Technology

The Center for Nursing Discovery, located in the Duke University School of Nursing, is a 6,937-square-foot space that includes seven simulation suites (Bariatric Lift room, ICU / critical care suite, OB / Labor suite, two operating theaters, two patient assessment rooms and two patient hospital rooms), four large capacity patient assessment rooms (twenty patient assessment tables and twelve patient beds), four simulation control rooms, two small debriefing rooms, one task trainer room and one large classroom/multipurpose room.

The CND has full audio-visual capabilities, with 29 pan-tilt-zoom cameras and 5 intercom systems allowing for the recording of 13 simultaneous simulation sessions at once. Simulation session can also be viewed live through our learning management streaming software.

The CND has several high-fidelity simulators, low-fidelity simulators, static manikins, task trainers and models available for interactive hands-on learning.

SimMan Classic (2)
The SimMan Classic is a high-fidelity adult patient simulator that responds to clinical intervention, instructor control and preprogrammed scenarios for effective practice of diagnosis and treatment of a patient. With spontaneous breathing, airway control, voice, sounds, ECG and many other clinical features, the SimMan is a fully functional emergency care simulator.

SimMan Essential
The SimMan Essential is a realistic, full-body-adult, wireless, high-fidelity patient simulator that offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.

SimMan 3G
The SimMan 3G wireless, high-fidelity patient simulator is so advanced, it’s actually easy to operate. Features include a wireless monitor, quality CPR feedback, convulsions, bleeding and wounds, secretions, drug and event recognition, reactive pupils, vascular access chest decompression, chest drain, multiple airway skills, airway complications and multiple breathing features and sounds.

SimMom is an advanced full body birthing tethered high-fidelity simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training of delivery management.

SimBaby is the advanced tethered high-fidelity infant patient simulator for team training for routine care to critical emergencies. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby is ideal for training all aspects of infant care.

SimNewB is an interactive tethered high-fidelity neonatal simulator designed in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses. With realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback, SimNewB is ideal for training for the specific needs of neonates.

Pediatric Hal five-year old
Five-year-old Hal is a tetherless high-fidelity pediatric simulator that is fully responsive, even during transport. Wireless streaming audio and monitor. Automatic or instructor control. New and improved airway features.

Pediatric Hal one-year old
One-year-old Hal is a tetherless high-fidelity pediatric simulator that is fully responsive, even during transport. Wireless streaming audio and monitor. Automatic or instructor control. New and improved airway features.

Nursing Kelly (7)
Nursing Kelly is a low-fidelity tethered patient simulator with realistic anatomical features providing optimum training experiences for a broad range of clinical skills practice. Nursing Kelly allows students to perform assessments and interventions thereby developing those critical thinking skills necessary in a healthcare environment. Nursing Kelly is educationally effective for clinical training from basic to advanced patient care and management skills. This flexible manikin platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added including wound assessment and treatment, NBC module replacement skin and vein system.

Nursing Anne (3)
Nursing Anne is a low-fidelity tethered patient simulator designed for scenario-based training for the care and management of basic patient handling skills to advanced nursing skills. Nursing Anne is educationally effective for clinical training targeting key skills from basic patient care to advanced nursing necessary for in-hospital patient care. This flexible simulator platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added including trauma, NBC module and bleeding control for use in multiple settings.

Nursing Kid (1)
Nursing Kid is a low-fidelity tethered pediatric simulator representing a six-year-old child, Nursing Kid is designed for skill and scenario-based training of the care and management of a variety of pediatric patients. This child is ideal for clinical training of common and uncommon in-hospital pediatric patients including wound assessment and care, first aid and child abuse training.

Pediatric Care Manikin (2)
The Mike/Michelle five-year-old is a sophisticated pediatric static manikin for training in standard and advanced clinical procedures.

Advanced GERi Manikin
The GERi Nursing Skills Manikin is ideal for preparing students for working with real-life geriatric patients, since it features an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds and features lifelike range of motion; Geri moves like a person, allows realistic patient positioning, and features non-pinching joints. The overall appearance of the manikin is female; however, removal of the wig and attachment of the male genitals converts it for male catheterization and prostate examination simulations.

Task Trainers
The CND also has several task trainers for use including two Chester Chest, two Central Line Man, four airway management trainers, 12 adult venipuncture and injection arms, six blood pressure arms, four ultrasound lumbar puncture trainers, three central line trainers, four pelvic and prostate exam trainers, ear and eye exam trainers and many others. For a current detailed list of available task trainers, contact the CND Simulation Lab Coordinator.