Duke Translational Nursing Institute (DTNI)

The Duke Translational Nursing Institute (DTNI) was established in 2009 in collaboration with Duke Translational Medicine Institute (DTMI). The DTNI's mission is to advance the development and utilization of knowledge to improve care through a strong academic-health service partnership. The DTNI is directed by Catherine L. Gilliss, PhD, RN, FAAN (School of Nursing Dean and Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs at Duke University) and co-directed by Mary Ann Fuchs, DNP (Chief Nursing Officer, Duke University Health System). Jean Bolte, MSN, RN, is the Director of Operations.

Three aims drive the DTNI activity:

  1. Foster clinical inquiry, facilitate evidence-based practice and promote translational nursing initiatives at the point of care
  2. Evaluate the impact of innovative models of care
  3. Advance the understanding of effective implementation of innovation

DTNI creates partnerships between DUSON faculty and DUHS clinical personnel, recognizing and using their respective areas of expertise (e.g. clinical knowledge, design/methodology, implementation, evaluation) in activities that support the DTNI aims. These partners are identified as DTNI Affiliates. The work of the DTNI is accomplished through the alliances of the DTNI Affiliates, working with DTNI administrative and research staff.

Access our main site or contact us at dtni@mc.duke.edu for more information.