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Just Be Free

Putting any aspect of this trip into words seems like an unrealistic task, but here I am giving it a try. After seven days, I am in love with Tanzania and the beautiful souls that fill this place. There is something so refreshing about being brought back to the simplicity of life where you are forced to unplug from our technology driven society.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Wow, what an incredible day! Our group was picked up at 9 a.m. by our tour guide, Alpha, for a windshield survey of the area. We rode in 4-wheel drive vehicles, which was good because many of the roads were not paved, so it was a very bumpy ride at times! Our first stop was a hike with a beautiful view of the villages and forests below.

Learning Together

We have successfully completed our first week of clinical rotations at Kilema hospital but sadly will begin our last week here in Tanzania.


We arrived to Kilema Hospital in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania late Tuesday evening. After a good night’s sleep to ward off our jet lag, we woke Wednesday morning and met Sister Charles, the Matron of the hospital. She, with graceful and quiet authority, introduced us to the campus of Kilema Hospital.

Nicaragua and Community Education

During our stay in Nicaragua we were able to form relationships with both the nursing students of UPOLI and the members of the La Libertad community. These partnerships made it possible to bring health education to different members of the community. Our main goal of educating the individuals of La Libertad was to give them the knowledge and empowerment needed to lead healthier lives.