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We arrived to Kilema Hospital in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania late Tuesday evening. After a good night’s sleep to ward off our jet lag, we woke Wednesday morning and met Sister Charles, the Matron of the hospital. She, with graceful and quiet authority, introduced us to the campus of Kilema Hospital.

Nicaragua and Community Education

During our stay in Nicaragua we were able to form relationships with both the nursing students of UPOLI and the members of the La Libertad community. These partnerships made it possible to bring health education to different members of the community. Our main goal of educating the individuals of La Libertad was to give them the knowledge and empowerment needed to lead healthier lives.

Working With Our Families

One of the largest components of our day was working with our three families that live in the La Libertad neighborhood served by CAESC (The UPOLI nursing school-run health education center).

The Art of Communication as Discovered by "DUPOLI"

From the moment we stepped off the plane in Managua, Nicaragua, a dominantly Spanish speaking country, communication has been an ambiguous feat — a point of challenge, learning, laughter, motivation and at times personal frustration.

The Broad View

Reflecting back on our two-week experience in Nicaragua, I try to keep in mind that not only is Nicaragua one of the poorest countries in Latin America, but its size is comparable to the state of Pennsylvania. There is a large health disparity between citizens of upper and lower economic status.