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Adobe Connect--Synchronous Meeting


Adobe Connect is a synchronous (real-time) web meeting with audio, screen and presentation sharing, and speaker video image that can be recorded. The School of Nursing has standardized on using Adobe Connect for synchronous class meeting including online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. 

How To Use: 


  • Request access to use Adobe Connect.
  • Be a DUSON employee.
  • Headset with microphone. (CITDL can provide one.)
  • Built-in or external camera.
  • Internet browser. (Firebox and Chrome are the recommended browsers.)
  • Flash Player 10 or higher. 


A dedicated meeting space will be created for you, upon request, for daily/weekly use to teach online courses, webinars, and hosting online office hours. Your meeting space is reusable and you get your own hosting credentials. Each semseter you will be asked if you need the dedicated meeting space.

For one-off meetings or periodic space needs, you will be assigned temporary space on one of the DUSON generic accounts. 


  1. Host and attendees/students are highly recommended to use a computer that is ‘hardwired’ to the Internet, particularly if video will be played (using Wi-Fi  is unpredicatable).
  2. Use a quality headset with microphone.
  3. Keep your microphone muted while listening.
  4. A Meeting Host must be logged in before attendees can use it.


    • Once a meeting room is created, it exists until you delete it.
    • The meeting room location is a URL, assigned by the system when the meeting is created. When you click the URL, you enter the virtual meeting room.
    • A meeting room can be used over and over for the same weekly meeting.
    • The host can leave the meeting room open or closed between scheduled meetings.
    • If room is left open AND the host is logged in, then atttendees can enter the room to view content.