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Digital Signage


The School of Nursing participates in Duke's centrally managed digital signage solution, Four Winds Interactive. This solution provides the School a centrally managed, robust tool for disseminating news, activities, and events pertinent to the DUSON community.  The School currently manages 3 signage displays in Clipp and Pearson. 

How To Use: 

Requirement(s) for Posting Content

  • DUSON Marketing and Communications manages the flyer submission and posting process.
  • Submit flyer(s) 3 business days in advance of when it needs to be posted.
  • While not currently a requirement, please review the details below for designing your flyer. Vertical flyers can continue to be submitted; however, the horizontal format using the best practices below for digital display will produce the highest quality and most professional look. 


Best Practices for designing a flyer:

  • Use strong contrast between text and background
  • Limit amount of content and keep it simple
    • Name of event
    • Day, date, and time of event
    • Event location
    • Contact person or group
    • Brief description
  • Use largest font sizes possible (60-80 pt for headings; 36 pt for content)
  • Use only standard display fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Tahoma
  • PPT Flyer Design Guidelines
    • 16x9 ratio
    • PowerPoint PPT file
    • If multiple slides in the file, then set the transitions and timing
    • Horizontal format
  • Image / Photo Guideline
    • Horizontal format
    • 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels (26.67” wide x 15” high)
    • JPG or PNG
    • 96 dpi


  • Each flyer is visible for 7 seconds so there is enough time to read about 30 words.
  • Once your request is received, the flyer will be uploaded and scheduled for rotation up to 2 weeks out from the event date.


  • Upon a campus emergency alert, the signage will be controlled by the Duke emergency team and important information will be displayed.
  • DUSON will display its own dedicated emergency alert just above the DUSON logo when specific to the School and necessary.