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Lecture Recording - Classroom


DUSON uses Mediasite for all lecture recording in the classroom.  This is an automated process that you can schedule with CITDL by calling 684-9200 or completing the mediasite online request form.  You have the option of scheduling one time for the entire semester or you can schedule individual classes or events.  

Here is a video to show how it works in the classroom..

How To Use: 

Mediasite is available for recording lectures, events and meetings in the following rooms:

  • Pearson 1009
  • Pearson 1011
  • Pearson 1014
  • Pearson 1026
  • Clipp 1017

By capturing your event in Mediasite, your recording will available for distribution within an hour.  The link can be shared via email, copied to your Sakai course site or copied to a different location on the DUSON network..

For additional information about Mediasite, visit


Mediasite 6