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Lecture Recording - Desktop or Laptop


Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) is DUSON's supported tool for recording lectures and presentations on your desktop or laptop computer.  Using your laptop or computer's camera and microphone, easily record high quality video and rich media including:

  • Screencasts with audio
  • Slideshows with video
  • Slideshows with audio

Once your lecture recording is complete, seamlessly publish it to our secure Media Repository for distribution to students via Sakai or other approved Learning Management System.

How To Use: 


  • Be a DUSON employee
  • Log in with your NetID
  • Built-in or external camera and microphone


  • Download Mediasite Desktop (MDR) at, using the instructions below
  • Run installer and follow the directions
  • Register your MDR with Mediasite Server


  • Use a cable (wired) connection to the Internet to ensure successful recording. Avoid using Wi-Fi to access the Internet.


  • Publishes to the DUSON Mediasite server within 30 to 45 minutes after recording. This can be longer depending on connection speed to the Internet.
  • Fully integrated with My Mediasite (light weight presentation management web based application)
  • Compliments Mediasite recording setup in the classroom environment
  • Built-in Web Editor
  • Types of recordings:
    • Screencast + Audio
    • Slideshow + Audio
    • Slideshow + Videso
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