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Multi-factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication, also referred to as advanced or two-factor authentication, provides an additional layer of security when logging in or performing transactions online.  The IT Security Office strongly recommends multi-factor authentication for access to critical systems or systems storing sensitive data per the ITSO Security Standards.

The School of Nursing requires all faculty and staff to use MFA for all Duke-managed web resources.  We strongly encourage students to register for MFA protection of their data. 

Read more about multi-factor authentication:

How To Use: 

Once you have registered to use MFA, you will use an additional form of authentication when accessing Duke-based web resources.  There are various ways to perform this additional identification:

  • Call my phone - using this method, the MFA system will call any phone that you have configured, such as your office phone, your cellphone or home phone.  You can quickly answer the phone, press any key and then you can proceed with logging in.
  • Duo Push - you can also have the system send a text message to your smartphone - once you press the "accept" button, you can continue with your login.
  • Yubikey - this is a USB hardware token that you can plug in to any USB port to complete the authentication.  Many folks who use a Yubikey keep them on their keychain for ease of use.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below to learn more about how this system works.


Multi Factor Authentication