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Network Access (NetIDs/DHE Accounts)


As a Duke Nursing student, you will have two network IDs, one called your NetID account that is used to access Duke University resources, and your DHE account used to access the Medical Center resources. These two accounts are setup to use the same username, and the passwords can be setup to be the same as well.

How To Use: 


When you matriculate, you will receive a notification prompting you to setup your NetID password, challenge responses and Duke email. Please setup your account as soon as possible after receiving the notification. Your DHE account gets automatically provisioned and should sync to your NetID account.


You will need your NetID to access the following resources:

  • Duke Email (Exchange)
  • Sakai learning management system
  • ACES (academic and demographic information)
  • OIT Account Self Service (manage ePrint, directory info, email, voicemail, passwords)
  • Personal Web Space - All Duke students, faculty and staff are provided a 5G personal file storage space.  
  • Site License Software
  • ePrint student printing

You will need your DHE account to access the following resources:

  • All hospital, School of Nursing, School of Medicine computers
  • eBrowser
  • Medical Center VPN account
  • Wireless Network


Visit the Password Requirements page to for how to create a strong password.