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Wireless Access (WiFi)


The School of Nursing network can be accessed via a wireless connection while on campus. The majority of devices you have are wireless ready and may just need to be turned on.

How To Use: 

The vendor you purchased your device from can assist with ensuring you are wireless ready. If not, a wireless adapter may be needed. The recommended wireless card is:

            802.11a/n with support for 802.1x. WPA, and WPA2


The two networks available to you are:

  • Clubs—
    • This is the recommended network to use.
    • It is secured
    • Requires login with your DHE account
    • Access all networked Duke and School of Nursing resources you have permission for
  • Guest –
    • It is not secured
    • No login is required (upon browser launch, must agree to terms displays)
    • Publicly open to all
    • Need to use VPN in order to access Duke and School of Nursing networks