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Student Computer Policy

Beginning with the summer 2013 semester, all Duke University School of Nursing students are required to have their own laptop in full working condition, meeting or exceeding the following standard. This list includes both Windows and Apple models, either of which can be used successfully in the program.

For students who will need to purchase a system for their program, we recommend the following specifications (basic computer models available at most stores that carry electronics):

Feature Recommendation
Processor Intel/AMD Multi-core processor (3.0+Ghz or above) (Windows/Mac) or higher
Memory 4 GB (Models having less will function slower)
Hard Drive 250 GB or higher
Networking Built in LAN Gigabit (Ethernet) for all systems; wireless for laptops (Windows: 802.11n; Mac: Airport Extreme)
Video RAM 256 MB or higher
Operating System Windows 7 or higher/Mac OS 10.5 or higher
Other High Speed Internet Access

We have found that almost all laptops purchased in the last few years meet the minimum specification. Some will provide slower response times, which is usually a function of how much internal memory or disk space is available. If you have any questions about your laptop, please contact our IT Service Desk at (919)684-9200 to be sure. We can help you determine if your laptop meets the standard and offer suggestions for improving performance if necessary.

Software for DUSON Programs
The following software is required for successful completion of DUSON programs. Each of these is available through Duke at no cost or at a significant discount (software available for purchase at a discount is denoted with an *) at

MS Windows 7 (Student Option) (or higher)
Apple OS 10.5 (or higher) (Should be installed on your Mac)
MS Office 2010 (Student Option)
Endnote X6
McAfee Antivirus
Cisco VPN Client
SPSS (DNP only) *
SAS (PhD only) *

Frequently Asked Questions