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Fees are automatically generated following registration. All fees are subject to change each academic year.

Possible Fees Frequency 2013-2014 2014-2015
Technology Each semester $150 $150
Transcript Fee First semester only $40 $40

Health Fee (waiver requirements)

Each semester $309 Fall/Spring;
$218.50 Summer
$342 Fall/Spring;
$242 Summer
Graduate Student Activity Fee Fall and Spring $16.75 $17
Graduate Student Services Fee Fall and Spring n/a $10
Recreation Fee (ABSN students only; optional for graduate students) Fall and Spring $87 $120
Duke Medical Insurance* (optional) Once per year Price varies **$2100
Program Assessment Fee (ABSN students Only) Each semester $56 $56
Standardized Testing/Exam (NCLEX) Review Fee (ABSN Students Only) First semester only $425 $425
CRNA Test Prep Fee Fall of 3rd year n/a $450

Please note: a loan fee is included in your financial aid award as a cost of attendance item; however, this is NOT a fee that is charged to your student account. Instead, the loan fee represents the average amount of loan fees deducted before your federal student loan disburses (i.e., you are awarded $6000 in Federal Direct Stafford Loans, $5970 of which disburses to your student account with $30 taken out by the federal government as a "loan fee"). The loan fee is an average by career, and the actual fee taken out of your loan may be more or less than the amount listed on your financial aid award.

*Questions concerning Duke’s Medical Insurance should be directed to the Student Health Insurance Office. Phone: 919-684-1481, Fax: 919-681-2874, Email:, Address: DUMC Box 2899, Durham, NC 27710.

**2014-15 health insurance rate pending regulatory approval