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PhD Alumna Lewinski and Oermann Publish Article in Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PhD alumna Allison A. Lewinski and Marilyn Oermann recently published an article entitled "Characteristics of E-Mail Solicitations From Predatory Nursing Journals and Publishers" in Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. 


Predatory publishers solicit manuscripts through e-mail invitations to potential authors, with the goal of enticing authors to submit a manuscript to the journal. This descriptive study examined the characteristics of 206 e-mail invitations from predatory journals and publishers sent to faculty and students in a school of nursing over a 10-week period. Characteristics of these e-mails included use of flattering language, due dates for submissions close to the date of the e-mail sent, requests for general topics and awkward phrases. However, many e-mails did not have characteristics that clearly identified them as coming from a predatory journal or publisher. Education on predatory publishing is needed for all nurse authors, specifically how to identify and confirm whether a journal is predatory or legitimate.