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Nursing Alumni Council


A Message from Duke Nursing Alumni Council President

Duke University School of Nursing presents a prosperous and generous role in the comprehensive education of their nurses. They are trailblazers such as Donna Allen Harris who represented racial diversity in 1967. The first two male students were admitted to Duke University School of Nursing in 1966, which moved Duke forward to ultimately win the national award for welcoming men into nursing. There are varied programs such as the ABSN, MSN, DNP, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Graduate Certificate and Post-Graduate Certificate programs.

The career path for Duke University School of Nursing students is endless…Clinicians, Administrators, Educators, Policy Makers, Researchers, Informaticists, and most recently, Population Care Coordinators, who improve comprehensive care and engagement for patients and enhance operational efficiencies to improve patient outcomes…and the list goes on.

We must continue to influence our future generation by encouraging more young people to choose nursing as a career. Our demographics are consistently changing whereby issues that impact older adults are clearly on the forefront. Traveling nurses are an integral part of our healthcare community to assist in different parts of the country. Nurse scientists impacting the delivery of collaborative healthcare within team-based environments includes nursing professionals, specialists, pharmacists and social workers. Healthcare and research into our communities and specifically rural areas are essential.

Nursing is an art and a science; the art of caring, compassion and the human touch forming the theoretical framework, and science, based on scientific research and evidenced based practice. The American Nurses Association supports sustaining a culture of respect, free of incivility, bullying and workplace violence. We look different today and yet we are the same today because we care about our patients who look and act like us and those who do not. We are different colors, ethnicities, religions and creeds. We are straight allies. We are LGBTQA. These are our nurses and patients. We practice a Code of Ethics to treat students, nurses, patients, families, friends and physicians with dignity and respect.

We know that the trend of technology will continue to advance in healthcare. Let us use this opportunity to move DUSON forward. All of the technology is at our fingertips to support our students—by providing charitable donations towards scholarships, research and educational opportunities both locally and globally. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Instagram. Please use this technology to connect with alumni, faculty and students. Please give back financially—there are many creative ways. We genuinely appreciate your support!

Sincere Wishes,
Aliki Martin, DNP’13, MSN, RN, CCRP

Your Nursing Alumni Council

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


Aliki Martin DNP’13, MSN, RN, CCRP

Marianne Williams, BSN'81
Vice President 

Christine Fulgencio, MSN'99

Council Members

Susie Davis, BSN'77

Cheryl Brewer, MSN'94

Kathy Gallagher, BSN'75

Laura Gantt, BSN'79

Ashley Hase, BSN'82

Sara Jordan, BSN'14

Connie Kendall, BSN'84

Betsy Lee, BSN'82

Tina Marrelli, BSN'75

Christine Pearson, BSN'84

Judy Thorpe, BSN'77

Celeste Toombs, MSN'00, GNC'02

Connie Vaught, BSN'73

Richard Welch, C'02

Laurie Williams, BSN'80

Mary Ellen Wright, BSN'81

Becky Zagor, BSN'80

Ex-Officio Members

Marion Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN

Mary Ann Fuchs, DNP, MSN, RN (MSN’90, DNP’10)