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Contact List

Scientific Consultation

Scientific consultations are offered primarily in the developmental stages of grant preparation. Research mentoring is available for faculty developing a research program or pursuing other scholarly activity. Research Mentor Consultation is available with the Associate Dean for Research Affairs or an ORA Research Development Coordinator. Please contact the Staff Assistant to schedule a meeting.

Administrative Support Services

The Director of Research Support Services and the Staff Assistant provide support to the Associate Dean for Research Affairs and manage service resources.

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities that are likely to be specific to DUSON interests are posted in the School’s Monday Update. This publication is currently distributed by email to all DUSON faculty and staff. Duke faculty and staff also have free access rights to the Community of Science database in which individuals can set up a customized and ongoing funding search. If you have questions regarding funding announcements or establishing a Community of Science account, please contact the Pre-Award Grants Management Specialist.

Pre-Award Grant Submission

Pre-Award Services include assistance with interpretation of funding guidelines, budget development, application submission, system navigation, and response to Just-in-Time requests. Services for agency-sponsored grants and contracts are provided by the Grants Management Specialists. Services for ORA-sponsored intramural small grants are provided by the Staff Assistant.

Post-Award Grant Management

Post-Award Services include award set-up, financial reporting, projection forecasting, compliance reviews, re-budgeting, effort change requests, non-competing renewal applications, no cost extensions, and agency prior approval requests. Services for agency-sponsored grants and contracts are provided by the Post-Award Grants Management Specialists. Post-award management of ORA-sponsored intramural small grants is provided by the Staff Assistant.

IRB, Human Subjects Protection, Data Security

IRB services include support in navigation of the eIRB system, new study protocols, amendments, renewals, final reports, internal reminders, individual investigator agreements, and understanding exempt/expedited/full board IRB reviews. These services are provided by the Director, Research Practice Manager.

Statistical Consultation

ORA-supported Statistical Services are provided to faculty and staff by the ORA Statistical Team. Services provided include consultation for funded project data analysis, collaboration during grant submission preparation, and unfunded project data analysis (contingent on space available). Principal investigators are encouraged to maintain statistical services during the life of a funded project. As a research team member, the statistician role is defined by the PI. A project that directly funds a statistician is given priority by that Statistical Team Member. Please contact the Director of Sponsored Support Services to schedule use of these services.

Editorial Services – Grant Writing Assistance

Investigators are encouraged to use editorial services for grant proposals via prior approval from the Associate Dean for Research. Please contact the Director of Sponsored Support Services to schedule use of this service.

Editorial Services – Manuscript, Poster, Table, Model, Formatting Assistance

Investigators are encouraged to use editorial services via prior approval through the Associate Deans for Academic Affairs and Research Affairs. Please contact the Research Development Coordinator to schedule use of this service.

Duke Office of Clinical Research – Database Creation, Data Collection, Data Management, Project Management

The Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) helps investigators and project managers create a data management plan that takes into account the variables needed to measure project outcomes and work with the research team to implement the work plan. DOCR data managers are skilled in designing relational databases and implementing them in Microsoft Access and REDCap for research or administrative purposes. They can provide a budget estimate for research staffing to principal investigators. This provides a resources to investigators in the School of Nursing who wish to utilize existing personnel resources rather than hiring personnel on their own or working with outside vendors. School of Nursing use of these services is coordinated by the Director, Research Practice Manager.

ORA Management

Associate Dean for Research Affairs
Diane Holditch-Davis, PhD, RN, FAAN
(919) 684-8862
3073 Pearson
Research Development Coordinator
Ruth Anderson, PhD, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN
(919) 668-4599
1003 Clipp
Faculty Research Development Coordinator
Marilyn J. Hockenberry, PhD, RN, PNP-BC, FAAN
(919) 684-9330
3057 Pearson Building
Director, Sponsored Support Services
Robbin Thomas
(919) 684-3101
1107 Legacy Tower
Director, Research Practice Manager
Phyllis Kennel, MS, RD, LDN
(919) 668-5244
1125 Legacy Tower

ORA Grant Management Team

Pre-Award Specialist
Jane Halpin, CRA
(919) 684-0348
1125 Legacy Tower
Post-Award Specialist
Samuel Morgan
(919) 668-0915
1157 Legacy Tower
Post-Award Specialist
Mindy Kempson
(919) 613-4783
1129 Legacy Tower

Statistical Team

Janet Levy, PhD
(919) 684-9641
1019 Clipp
Wei Pan, PhD
(919) 684-9324
1002 Clipp
Susan Silva, PhD
(919) 681-3004
1022 Clipp
John Boling, MA
(919) 684-0399
1040 Clipp
Rick Sloane, MA
(919) 660-7515
2502 Busse

Administrative Contact

ORA Staff Assistant
Leslie Fife
(919) 684-537
1053 Clipp