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Philanthropic Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Graduate Student Travel Scholarships $5,000
Undergraduate travel Scholarships $5,000
Faculty Travel Fund (endowed) $1,000,000
Annual Contribution (endowed) $50,000
Named Endowment Fund $250,000
Named Endowment Research Fund $250,000
Service Learning Experience $250,000

Scholarship Support

Philanthropic investments in scholarships open the door to a nursing education to students from all walks of life. Duke University School of Nursing is committed to educating nurse leaders who will work to transform health and medicine, improving the lives of people in communities here at home and around the world. Your gift to nursing scholarships can change the life of an individual student and impact countless lives as that student goes on to serve — as a clinician, nurse researcher or educator. Now is the time to invest in nursing education.

Pilot Projects in Education $10,000
(expendable, not endowed)
Annual Fund Scholarship Support any amount
Named, Undesignated Scholarship $100,000
Named, Designated Scholarship $250,000

Faculty and Research Support

Philanthropic partnerships are critically needed to advance research to improve health and quality of life for the chronically ill and vulnerable populations. Your investment at Duke University School of Nursing is leveraged by substantial funding from the NIH and other federal and private organizations. At this time in history — as the U.S. and other countries face aging populations and escalating chronic disease and federal support for research continues to decline — philanthropy can play a more important role than ever before. Now is the time to invest in nursing research.

Named Endowed Research Pilot Fund $250,000
Named Research Assistant $100,000 per year
Named Endowed Professorship $2.5 million
Named Endowed Asst. or Assoc. Professorship $1.5 million
Three-Year Clinical Professorship $2.5 million
Three-Year Asst. or Assoc. Clinical Professorship $1.5 million
Named Endowed Center Director $3.5 million
Named Center $5 million