2018-19 DUSON Emerging Leaders Program


Identify and develop staff within the School of Nursing to help prepare them for potential future career growth opportunities within DUSON or beyond.  This is an investment in the individual staff members who participate.  While we would like for participants to be able to advance, grow and remain at DUSON or Duke, this program is focused upon the support of the staff participants, wherever their career takes them.

Selection Process and Criteria

Participants will be nominated by their Associate Dean or Executive Vice Dean or may self-nominate.  Nominations will be reviewed and vetted by members of the Dean’s Executive Committee.  Cohorts will include about 10 participants.  Selected participants will meet the following criteria:

  • Identified as having significant potential to grow to become a leader in the future

  • Have demonstrated some leadership in informal ways in the past

  • Member of the DUSON staff for at least one year working 30 hours per week or more

  • Have good or excellent performance ratings, with no Needs Improvement rating on the most recently completed PEP and not in a formal performance counseling process

  • Generally, the program is not focused towards existing supervisors, but exceptions for those who are new to their supervisory role or who supervise a limited number of staff will be considered

  • No specific minimum or maximum HR level requirement - open to bi-weekly and monthly staff

  • Immediate supervisor must support participation (plus the applicable Associate Dean or EVD)

Curriculum and Program Structure

The program content and sessions will be facilitated by Duke’s Learning and Organizational Development consultants.  The program will last one year and consist of:

  • Monthly, all day sessions that include: 1) skill building per the curriculum; and 2) informal discussions with DUSON leaders about their leadership journey and advice.

  • Completion of a 360-degree evaluation process for each participant, with individualized review of the 360 results and career coaching by L&&OD consultants (two sessions per participant).

  • Cohort will complete one DUSON improvement project that will start early in the program. This will be real-life improvement initiative tied back to an important operational or strategic improvement need. Teams will have access to a DUSON project sponsor for guidance and support.

Important Timelines
  1. Nominations from ADs/EVD due to ADFA by May 15.

  2. Nominations reviewed with EC with invitations for participation sent in July.

  3. Program begins October 2018 and runs through September 2019.

Click here for 2018-19 Emerging Leaders Program nomination form.

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