Spring 2023 Admitted

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Duke ABSN Program!

It is not too late to submit the 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal loan funding. The FAFSA must be completed a certain way because the ABSN program is considered an undergraduate program or 2nd bachelor’s degree which means the federal loans are capped. More information regarding federal student loans is found on the Department of Education’s website. Follow the instructions below to avoid processing delays:

  • School code: 002920
  • Degree/Certificate: 2nd Bachelor's Degree
  • Year in School: 5th year Undergraduate
  • Parent financial information may be required depending on your age and other factors determined by the Department of Education. More information about dependency status is found on the Department of Education’s website. The Financial Aid Office cannot change your dependency status on the FAFSA application.

You will receive a financial aid offer to your Dukeemail address within 2-3 weeks after completing your FAFSA if you have accepted the offer to attend. It is too late to apply for the DUSON Need-based Scholarship. There are no other scholarships available through the school if you did not submit the need-based scholarship applications by the deadline and prior to being admitted to the program.

The following is a timeline of financial aid "Next Steps" once you have received your financial aid offer and paid the admission deposit to enroll in the ABSN program:

  • We will email you a "Next Steps" Financial Aid Guide with detailed information about your financial aid offer and which answers most frequently asked questions. Save this document to your desktop and read it carefully.
  • We will begin giving webinars on a weekly basis in September/October. The webinars will explain how to apply for a private loan, other important information and we will answer all questions. Be on the lookout for the email invitations in late September. Once you register for a webinar, we will email you a Excel budgeting worksheet which helps you determine the amount of private loan funding needed based on your situation. Make sure to register for a webinar so you don’t miss out!
  • Watch the ABSN Admitted Student Video Library, which provides information about federal student loans, applying for private loans, outside scholarship opportunities, and billing and payment information.
Financial Aid Resources
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