Curriculum & Course Faculty

Our DNP program has a rich curriculum that includes courses taught by leading faculty.  In addition, students are required to complete a scholarly DNP project, four semesters long, designed to address a practice issue affecting groups of patients, health care organizations or health care systems. For more information, please see the sample matriculation plans and watch our faculty describe the courses they teach.

Sample Matriculation Plans

Course Videos

Watch and listen to faculty describe the DNP courses they teach.

Listen to DUSON’s vice dean for academic affairs Valerie Howard, as she talks about the N964 course, Effective Leadership.

Listen to associate professor Nancy Short as she talks about the N962 course, Transforming the Nation’s Health.

Listen to associate professor Tracey Yap as she talks about the N961 course, Implementing and Evaluation for Evidence-Based Practice (formerly titled Evidence-Based Practice II – Implementation and Evaluation).

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