Nurse Anesthesia Need-based Scholarship

At the time of admittance, Nurse Anesthesia students receive information regarding financial aid opportunities through the admission portal. Because this program is an early admit program, financial aid is processed in April after the new tuition rate and fees are announced in March. The FAFSA application for the upcoming academic year is required to be considered for the DUSON Need-based scholarship and federal loan funding. Submit the FAFSA in January 2023 to receive a financial aid offer by the end of April. This section of our website will be updated with the FAFSA information in January. For more information about graduate financial aid, please review the Graduate Financial Aid Overview brochure. All Nurse Anesthesia students who submit a FAFSA application will be considered for the need-based scholarship. This scholarship is $1,400 per semester for nine semesters of the program. The scholarship is included in the initial financial aid offer, if eligible.

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