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Fees are automatically generated following registration. All fees are subject to change each academic year.

Possible Fees Frequency 2015-2016 2016-2017
Technology Each semester $150 $150
Transcript Fee First semester only $40 $40
Health Fee (waiver requirements) Each semester $376 Fall/Spring;
$266 Summer
$386 Fall/Spring;
$272 Summer
Graduate Student Activity Fee Fall and Spring $17.25 $17.75
Graduate Student Services Fee Fall and Spring $10 $10
Recreation Fee (ABSN students only; optional for graduate students) Fall and Spring $130 $136.50
Health Insurance* (optional) Once per year $2400 Visit Student Health website
Program Assessment Fee (ABSN students Only) Each semester $56 $56
Standardized Testing/Exam (NCLEX) Review Fee (ABSN Students Only) First semester only $425 $425
CRNA Test Prep Fee Once; 2nd semester of program $450 $450
Clinical Lab Fee (ABSN students only) Once; for N388 Health Assessment and Nursing Skills across the Lifespan $45 $45
Clinical Lab Fee (MSN students only) Once; for N595 Diagnostic Reasoning and Physical Assessment $125 $125

*Questions concerning health insurance should be directed to the Student Health Insurance Office.