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The ADAPT Center is a National Institute of Nursing Research/National Institute of Health funded Center of Excellence that promotes innovative research focused on managing and minimizing changes in cognition and emotional symptom responses to chronic illness. The Center applies a new lens—Adaptive Leadership Framework for Chronic Illness—to examine symptoms and gain insights into how to improve patient care.

The Center’s primary objective is to support researchers in furthering the science of cognitive and affective symptoms in chronic illness, with the ultimate goal of empowering patients and their caregivers to optimize symptom management and enhance quality of life.

Overall Center Goals

  1. To encourage and foster the productivity of new nursing scientists engaged in research dedicated to understanding and minimizing chronic illness symptoms in individuals facing cognitive/emotional changes.
  2. To assist investigators in tailoring research to optimize participation by people with cognitive/emotional changes, specifically by addressing minority health issues, refining existing protocols (or creating new ones), as well as upgrading self-report measures.
  3. To advance investigator skill in using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches to study symptoms and patient adaptation associated with cognitive/emotional changes.

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