About Us

Gerontology has been an area of strength within the Duke University School of Nursing for more than fifty years. This rich history and continued leadership in gerontological nursing coupled with support from The Duke Endowment and the Duke School of Nursing gave rise to the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence.

Center Leadership 

Director: Eleanor McConnell, PhD
Associate Director: Loretta Matters, MSN, RN-BC

Center Activities
  • Contribute teaching-learning resources

  • Support preceptor development

  • Identify clinical teaching site opportunities

  • Support implementation of evidence-based and best practices at the point of care

  • Foster skill development in care of cognitively impaired individuals

  • Align student, clinician and faculty interests

  • Provide proposal feedback and coaching

  • Support grant development and implementation

Center Affiliates

Click on any of the names below to learn more about the research interests of our Center Affiliates.


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