Data Science Seminar (D2S2) Series

Webinar ArtD2S2 is a monthly webinar series that shares data-driven research in healthcare. Through the monthly research webinar, D2S2 aims to provide a forum where nursing researchers and data scientists discuss their latest research developments and find multidisciplinary collaboration opportunities. The D2S2 series is hosted by the Center for Nursing Research of Duke University School of Nursing. For more information, contact Hyeoneui Kim.

Webex Meeting Information
2019-2020 Webinar Series

The Webinar Series occurs the third Thursday of every month from 3 to 4 p.m. (Eastern time).

DateSpeaker & AffiliationTopic/Title

Oct. 17

Alvin JefferyAlvin Jeffery, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Vanderbilt University

Challenges in Data Science

Nov. 21

Albert ParkAlbert Park, PhD
Assistant Professor
UNC Charlotte
College of Computing and Informatics

Data Analytics for Health: Large Social Media Data

Jan. 16

Benjamin GoldsteinBenjamin Alan Goldstein, PhD
Associate Professor
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Duke University

Predicting Mortality with EHR Data

Feb. 20

Nansu ZongNansu Zong, PhD
Research Associate
Department of Health Sciences and Research
Mayo Clinic

Deep Mining Heterogeneous Networks of Biomedical Linked Data to Predict Novel Drug-Target Associations

Additional Resources:

- Prediction Basedon Biolinkednetwork Mining

- Drug Target Prediction Demo


Mar. 19

Jae Young KwonJae-Yung Kwon, PhD(C), MSN, RN
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia

Nurses "Seeing Forest for the Trees" in the Age of Machine Learning: Using Nursing Knowledge to Improve Relevance and Performance

Additional Resource:

- Article

Apr. 16

Tsung-Ting KuoTsung-Ting Kuo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Informatics
UC San Diego

Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technologies for Biomedical and Health Care Applications

May 21

Jeeyae ChoiJeeyae Choi, PhD, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
School of Nursing
UNC Wilmington

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Build Self-Reported Depression Prediction Models


Rose Mary XavierRose Mary Xavier, PhD, MS, RN
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
UNC Chapel Hill

Multilayer Network Analysis

Jul. 16

Danielle MoweryDanielle Mowery, PhD, MS
Chief Research Information Officer
Institute for Biomedical Informatics
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Extracting Useful Information from Clinical Notes Using Natural Language Processing (NLP)


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