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Clinical Instructor Intensive 2018

Who Is It For?

The challenges in Clinical Nursing Education today are many! The hiring, orientation, and development of clinical instructors (CIs) continues to be an ongoing challenge, particularly in light of the demands of our clinical settings and program curricula. Acquisition of sites, orientation to EHRs, navigating the ever-changing environment requires constant attention. Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) has designed a workshop that – over the past 10 years – has helped many CIs be better prepared for their roles and responsibilities, as well as the dynamics of the healthcare arena and we hope you will join us for the 2018 CI Intensive.

The Intensive— designed this year to address key clinical topics in Undergraduate AND MSN programs will be led by a talented and experienced group of full-time Faculty and Clinical Nurse Educators who teach in our accelerated BSN and MSN programs. We believe the time spent in this intensive workshop is a valuable and important investment in the people who make our clinical courses come alive—the Clinical Instructors—and we hope you will attend and encourage your colleagues to do the same.The component of the Intensive for both novice and experienced CIs provides an opportunity for participants to discuss challenges that arise while teaching in the clinical setting and how to best understand and manage them. For example, issues related to students who are not prepared, staff members who are not particularly supportive of students, errors, managing one’s time when teaching up to 10 students, conducting effective post-clinical conferences, appropriate learning experiences for students and so on are discussed and dissected.

This Intensive has been intended to be interactive and relevant, and to provide an opportunity for faculty and CIs to look at their current clinical teaching strategies and develop new ways to strengthen clinical education for pre-licensure and graduate nursing students. This worthwhile conference—August 10, 2018 (9am – 5pm)—will be held at the Duke University School of Nursing. Participation will be limited to the first 100 individuals who register.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your team to bring innovation to clinical teaching at your school. What a fun way to kick off the new semester and the new academic year! For more information, contact Beth Phillips at

2018 Clinical Instructor Intensive Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the CI Intensive participants are able to:

  • Discuss strategies for teaching across the generations.
  • Propose ways CIs can provide formative and summative feedback to learners in order to enhance their growth and development in the profession.
  • Analyze strategies for working with challenging student situations in health education.
  • Integrate teaching/learning principles to encourage lifelong learning and knowledge retention.
  • Propose ways to improve student clinical reasoning in health education.
  • Prepare students for the transition to practice.
  • Explore strategies to manage challenging situations encountered with students or clinical staff.
  • Propose ways to build professional relationships in clinical practice.

Click here for the 2018 CI Schedule.

Registration Fees*

General Public $80
Duke, DUSON, DUHS $60

* Registration includes continental breakfast and a boxed lunch.

Attention non-Duke employees and studentsClick here for registration instructions. 

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The Clinical Instructor (CI) Intensive was first offered by the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) in 2008 for the purpose of helping our School’s CIs – and CIs from other schools – better understand and effectively implement their roles as teachers in the clinical setting. This one- to two-day interactive conference is offered annually – typically during the summer months – and incorporates formal presentations by experts in teaching, case studies of challenging situations faced by CIs, sharing of policies and practices that exist in various schools and dialogue about role conflicts, communicating with course faculty and expectations of CIs.

Specific topics from past CI Intensives include the following:

  • Clinical Learning: WHY Do We Do It?
  • Your Role & the Boundaries You Set & Maintain
  • Teamwork & Communication through a Professional Lens
  • Working with Diverse Student Populations
  • The Many Roles of the Clinical Instructor: Exploring Six Cs
  • Facilitating Learning in the Affective Domain: Who, When & How
  • Effective Debriefing: Individuals & Groups … Lab & Clinical Settings
  • Psychomotor Skills: Expected Level of Performance & Keeping Them in Perspective
  • Helping Students Transition to the Graduate Clinician Role
  • What the Best Clinical Instructors Do: Voices of Students
  • What the Best Clinical Instructors Do: Voices of Clinical Partners
  • Legal Considerations as a Clinical Instructor
  • Managing Multiple Demands of One’s Role … Role Adaptation
  • Conducting Effective Clinical Conferences
  • Linking Classroom, Clinical & Laboratory Experiences
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Strengthening Clinical Teaching Through Simulation
  • Making Assignments

As a result of discussions related to topics such as these, participants develop a repertoire of strategies to use in their clinical teacher role and a network of colleagues they can contact for support, advice and information.