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Mission, Vision and Core Values


To meet the needs of a changing health care system, nurses must be prepared as clinicians who can exert transformative leadership, and faculty teaching in academic institutions must have the pedagogical knowledge and skills to design, implement and evaluate programs that will prepare such leaders. The Institute for Educational Excellence exists, therefore, to prepare nurse educators to be leaders and scholars in nursing education so their excellence and innovation effectively prepares students to be skilled clinicians, effective members of interdisciplinary teams and leaders in the field.


The Institute for Educational Excellence envisions a future where all those teaching in nursing programs possess the knowledge, skills and values needed to transform nursing education by establishing learning communities where teachers and learners co-create student-centered, evidence-based, educationally-sound, innovative and technology-rich programs that reflect a commitment to excellence. This preferred future also envisions the Duke University School of Nursing as the premier leader in modeling standards for other schools regarding educational innovation and excellence, thereby transforming nursing education nationally and globally.

Core Values

To promote transformative teaching, the Institute for Educational Excellence is built on a set of values that serve to guide the work of those striving to fulfill its mission. Those core values are respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings, excellence, integrity, innovation, intellectual rigor, evidence-based practice, the transformative power of technology, a willingness to embrace change and lifelong learning.