Advisory Council

Having recently developed our mission and framework, it was clear the next phase of our work required input and guidance from our community. The charge of the Advisory Board is to consider and make recommendations regarding DUSON's diversity and inclusion efforts. The Advisory Board will contribute their unique experiences and perspectives periodically reviewing policies, making recommendations about initiatives, helping DUSON achieve the diversity and inclusion goals as outlined in the Office of Diversity of Inclusion Framework.

The Advisory Board will also provide guidance and direction in the understanding of historical and current nondiscrimination laws, access and equity for program planning in higher education institutions.

Advisory Council Minutes

DUSON faculty, staff and students can view the minutes from our Advisory Council meetings with your netid login. Visit minutes page.

Meet Our Advisory Council


Lacrecia Bell, MSN, RN

Clinical Nurse Educator
Phone: (919) 613-9584
Office: 3284 Interprofessional Education Building

Keysha Hall

MSN Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: (919) 684-9289
Office: 2027 Pearson Building

Chloe Hayim

Higher Education Analyst
Phone: (919) 613-2413
Office: 4133 Pearson Building

Bebe Mills

Director of Student Services
Phone: (919) 684-9151
Office: 3276 Interprofessional Education Building

Susan Ray

Director of Institutional Research
Phone: (919) 684-9340
Office: 4132 Pearson Building

Nanika Rhodes

Building Support Services Coordinator
Phone: (919) 681-0751
Office: 1012 Pearson Building

Glenn L. Setliff, MTS, MBA, CISSP

Director, Information Technology
Phone: (919) 684-9533
Office: 3130 Pearson Building

Diana Staples

Senior Director of Development
Phone: (919) 668-6054
Office: 4150 Pearson Building

Diane Uzarski, DNP, MPH, RN

Chief of Staff
Phone: (919) 613-9782
Office: 4137 Pearson Building
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