Harassment Prevention Advisors

Harassment Prevention Advisors (HPAs) are Duke administrators trained to help students with harassment concerns or complaints, including those involving Title IX. When responding to harassment concerns or complaints, HPAs are unable to guarantee confidentiality.

If you believe that you are experiencing harassment or have questions or concerns about harassment, please contact the HPA associated with your school or program listed below.

Learn more about Harassment Prevention Advisors here.


School of Nursing Harassment Prevention Advisors


David Bowersox, MBA

Associate Dean, Finance and Administration
Phone: (919) 684-9326
Office: 3020A Pearson Building

Michael Evans, MEd, APR

Assistant Dean, Communications, Marketing & Business Development
Phone: (919) 684-9356
Office: 3246 Interprofessional Education Building

Nicole Fleming, MS

Senior Coordinator, Student Services
Phone: (919) 684-9163
Office: 3273 Interprofessional Education Building

Tondelaya George, DM, MS, BS

Senior Coordinator, Career Services & Student Life
Phone: (919) 684-9301
Office: 3271 Interprofessional Education Building

Angie Keith

Director, Finance and HR
Phone: (919) 684-9323
Office: 3019 Pearson Building

Bebe Mills

Director of Student Services
Phone: (919) 684-9151
Office: 3276 Interprofessional Education Building

Ernie Rushing, PhD, MBA

Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Phone: (919) 668-6274
Office: 1003E Pearson Building

Glenn L. Setliff, MTS, MBA, CISSP

Director, Information Technology
Phone: (919) 684-9533
Office: 3130 Pearson Building

Diane Uzarski, DNP, MPH, RN

Chief of Staff
Phone: (919) 613-9782
Office: 4137 Pearson Building

Selnatta Vereen

Assistant Director of Human Resources
Phone: (919) 684-9321
Office: 3029 Pearson Building
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