Last Day in Machame!

February 18, 2019

Sunrise at the Summit

It is my last day here in Machame and I can honestly say I have mixed feelings about returning to the US. I am obviously very excited to see friends/family and be back in Durham, but I will definitely miss this place and people that I have called “home” for the past 5 weeks. This really hit me when I was getting off Mt.

Orthopedic Rounds with Dr. Lymo

January 23, 2019

Student with Dr. Lymo and his assistant

I cannot believe I am already entering my last week in Machame! This time has flown by. I feel like last week was the first time I really felt established here. I feel very comfortable with the providers and hospital staff and have more sense of my role here. Sadly, I am leaving quite soon after feeling this way. I would love to return here one day!

Providing Care to the Maasai Tribe

December 27, 2018

Tanzania Sunrise

I have just come back from an extremely restful weekend in Zanzibar! Photos do not do this place justice and I recommend it be at the top of everyone’s travel list. I am so thankful for my time there with my new Austrian friends.

In the Mountains of Tanzania...

November 26, 2018

Student with Head Nurse Margaret

I have just completed my first week in Machame and already feel very much a part of the hospital. Machame is a smaller town up in the mountains.

Healthcare for the Children

October 15, 2018

Little children from Nicaragua

We started the day meeting and collaborating with our UPOLI students, as well as a videographer from the university. We then headed to the barrio to spend the morning with our families.

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