Mass Immunization

October 23, 2017

The day started with the groups split between two Community Health Clinics ready to administer mass immunizations.  Most of the group members were pretty nervous about this because we would be administering to the pediatric populat

Restructured Health Care

September 20, 2017

Yesterday we learned about the three levels of the Restructured Health Care System, and today we were able to see the primary level in action.

Truly Immerse Yourself In the Local Culture

August 23, 2017

mass in the Phillippines

We started the day at Mass in celebration of UST’s Nurses Week. Then we toured around the campus with Mama Beth Cortez and our UST buddies.

Global Clinical Immersion in the Philippines

August 7, 2017

Manlia Phillipines

After three flights, 2 layovers (one in Tokyo!), a very long, traffic-packed bus ride, and a late-night run to Jollibee (the Philippine equivalent to McDonalds), 9 very tired, but excited students had finally arrived at UST.  After an all too quick night of slumber we experienced our first day in the Philippines and what an adventure it was.

Simple Things, So Many Emotions

June 19, 2017

the starry sky about the Karoo

Another day at Kilema Hospital has come and gone. Today I was at the CTC. This is where they hold weekly clinics for community members with HIV and TB. It is an outpatient clinic that allows those with HIV and TB to come and receive free treatment and medication. Today was a TB clinic day. It was slower today with not much patient traffic.

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