The Broad View

November 28, 2016

photo of a building

Reflecting back on our two-week experience in Nicaragua, I try to keep in mind that not only is Nicaragua one of the poorest countries in Latin America, but its size is comparable to the state of Pennsylvania. There is a large health disparity between citizens of upper and lower economic status.

Bonding with UPOLI Nursing Students

November 9, 2016

students bonding with upoli

While in Managua, Nicaragua six DUSON second semester ABSN students and their clinical instructor (Dr. Irene Felsman)  have been placed  with la Escuela de Enfermeria de la Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua (UPOLI) (The School of Nursing in the Polytechnic University).  We have been collaborating with three UPOLI nursing students and their professor Lic.

Working Together as a Community Health Team

October 19, 2016

working together as a community health team

Working together, as a group, throughout these past two weeks to aid family members in the community in Managua and work with nursing students from UPOLI have not only shown me the power of great teamwork and collaboration but also the important qualities of an effective community health team. Throughout this experience we have grown incredibly close to each other.

Jambo, from Moshi!

August 26, 2016

I came to Moshi, Tanzania in hopes of making a difference in the lives of people served by Majengo Health Clinic. Prepared by Duke University's family nurse practitioner curriculum, I felt I could make a contribution.

City of Hope, Ntagatcha, Tanzania

August 26, 2016

How was Africa? This is the question everyone asks, but I couldn't begin to answer if I tried...not unless you have several hours, maybe days, anyway, and even then I couldn't answer it fully. A question like this begs a response like, "Amazing," "Unbelievable," "Hard," "Beautiful," "Life-Changing," or any number of similar trite responses that could never capture this kind of experience.

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