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Until Next Time Jubilee Shelter

What a bittersweet day, our last day in Plaridel, Bulucan. Our last day at Jubilee Shelter Homes.

Community Health In Action

The day started with the group venturing to RHU 3, where we met the midwife, primary nurse, dentist, and volunteers who run the clinic (the doctor was out on other business).

Mass Immunization

The day started with the groups split between two Community Health Clinics ready to administer mass immunizations.  Most of the group members were pretty nervous about this because we would be administering to the pediatric populat

Restructured Health Care

Yesterday we learned about the three levels of the Restructured Health Care System, and today we were able to see the primary level in action.

Truly Immerse Yourself In the Local Culture

We started the day at Mass in celebration of UST’s Nurses Week. Then we toured around the campus with Mama Beth Cortez and our UST buddies.