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Global Clinical Immersion in the Philippines

After three flights, 2 layovers (one in Tokyo!), a very long, traffic-packed bus ride, and a late-night run to Jollibee (the Philippine equivalent to McDonalds), 9 very tired, but excited students had finally arrived at UST.  After an all too quick night of slumber we experienced our first day in the Philippines and what an adventure it was.

Simple Things, So Many Emotions

Another day at Kilema Hospital has come and gone. Today I was at the CTC. This is where they hold weekly clinics for community members with HIV and TB. It is an outpatient clinic that allows those with HIV and TB to come and receive free treatment and medication. Today was a TB clinic day. It was slower today with not much patient traffic.


Every night we conduct a debrief after dinner led by a different person each night. Debrief is based on the topic of the leader’s choice; he/she can choose to talk about what we experienced throughout the rotation of the day or to discuss a specific topic. Debrief generally includes a discussion of everything we experienced throughout the day but can also include specific topics or objectives.

(Global) Community Health Clinical in Barbados!

Hi Everyone!

Off the Beaten Path

Today we went on our first “real” adventure! Up to this point everything we have done outside of the compound has been scheduled; however, today we decided to let one of the doctors and his coworkers take us on a walk to see a clear view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is something we have all been wanting to do since we arrived and have been waiting for a nice clear day to do so.