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Diane L. Holditch-Davis, PhD, RN, FAAN

Marcus E. Hobbs Professor Emerita
Marcus E. Hobbs Distinguished Professor of Nursing

Representative Publications

  • 1986 -- DH Davis and EB Thoman Re: Physiological circadian rhythmicity in preterm infants. Nursing research. 35(1); 60-61
  • 1985 -- PubMed # : 3974797 Thoman, E. B. and Davis, D. H. and Raye, J. R. and Philipps, A. F. and Rowe, J. C. and Denenberg, V. H. Theophylline affects sleep-wake state development in premature infants Neuropediatrics. February, 1985 16(1); 13-18
  • 1985 -- Holditch-Davis, D. The ongoing care of the high-risk infant. In Nursing care of children and families edited by Mott, S. R., Fazekas, N. F. and James, S. R.. 1985; pp. 1001-1052. : Addison-Wesley Nursing Division. 1985 1001-1052
  • 1984 -- DH Davis When the t tube distorts the imagec Nursing. 14(8); 6-