Christine Tocchi, PhD, APRN, GNP-BC

Dr. Christine Tocchi joined the Duke University School of Nursing faculty in September, 2014. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from St. Anselm College, master’s degree in nursing from Yale University School of Nursing, and a PhD in nursing from Yale University School of Nursing. She has just completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the New York University College of Nursing.

Dr. Tocchi brings more than 20 years of experience in the education of gerontological nursing students and providing care to older adults across the healthcare continuum to the School. She co-initiated a primary care home visit program for frail homebound older adults, initiated a Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) program within an acute care hospital, and was a health provider and Director of Patient Care at a long-term care facility. Her program of research is focused on frailty prevention in older adults. Her doctoral research as a John A. Hartford Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) Scholar at Yale University has led to the development of The Frailty Index for Elders (FIFE), a multidimensional measure for frailty in older adults. She has also served as a researcher member of a number of significant studies on the care of elders.

Academic Program Affiliations
  • Master of Science in Nursing Program
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
  • PhD - Yale University
  • MSN - Yale University
  • BSN - St. Anselm College
Awards and Honors
  • 2009 || 2009-2011 John A. Hartford Foundation BAGNC Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
  • 2004 || Nightingale Nursing Award for Excellence in Nursing
Areas of Interest
Frailty in older adults
Representative Publications
  • 2012 -- PubMed # : 22514061 -- Buck, H. G. and Meghani, S. and Bettger, J. P. and Byun, E. and Fachko, M. J. and O'Connor, M. and Tocchi, C. and Naylor, M. The use of comorbidities among adults experiencing care transitions: a systematic review and evolutionary analysis of empirical literature. Chronic Illn. 8(4); 278-95.
  • 2000 -- PubMed # : 10800601 -- Chyun, D. and Obata, J. and Kling, J. and Tocchi, C. In-hospital mortality after acute myocardial infarction in patients with diabetes mellitus. Am J Crit Care. 9(3); 168-79.
  • 2013 -- PubMed # : 24066785 -- Kazer, M. W. and Grossman, S. and Kerins, G. and Kris, A. and Tocchi, C. Validity and reliability of the geriatric sexuality inventory. J Gerontol Nurs. 39(11); 38-45.
  • 2000 -- Tocchi, C. Altered mental status: understanding a comprehensive differential.. Clinical Letter for Nurse Practitioners. May/June, 2000 4(3); 1-6, 11-12.
  • 2014 -- PubMed # : 25255675 -- Tocchi, C. and Dixon, J. and Naylor, M. and Jeon, S. and McCorkle, R. Development of a frailty measure for older adults: the frailty index for elders. J Nurs Meas. August, 2014 22(2); 223-40.
  • 2005 -- Tocchi, C. Nursing across the generations Advance for Nurses. April 11, 2005 5(9); 14.
  • 2001 -- Chyun, D. and Tocchi, C. and Richards, S. The coronary care unit (Chapter 17) 2001 262-300.
  • 2012 -- Tocchi, C. Recipe for successful aging 2012 3-14.
  • 2015 -- PubMed # : 25799697 -- Tocchi, C. Frailty in older adults: an evolutionary concept analysis. Res Theory Nurs Pract. 2015 29(1); 66-84.
Grant Funding (Selected)
  • 2009-2011 John A,. Hartford Foundation BAGNC Scholar
    American Academy of Nursing/John A. Hartford Foundation Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) Program
    07/2009 to 06/2011
    Grant support for doctoral training and to launch a career in academic geriatric nursing. Dissertation topic: Describe Outcomes of Frail Older Adults after a Critical Event as They Transition Through Home Health Care Services.
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