Donna Biederman, DrPH, MN, RN

Dr. Donna Biederman joined the Duke School of Nursing faculty as an Assistant Professor in September, 2013. She earned her associate's degree in nursing at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona, in 1992. She completed her BSN and MN (Communities, Populations and Health concentration) at the University of Washington, Tacoma in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Her Master’s research focused on social determinants of health and HIV/AIDS in subSaharan Africa. In 2012 she earned a DrPH with an emphasis in community health education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her dissertation research focused on the perspectives of homeless women on their experiences and interactions with service providers.

Before her faculty appointment, Dr. Biederman was a Community Health Clinical Nurse Educator in the ABSN program. She has firsthand experience in the community health clinical and classroom settings and nursing experience in acute and community-based care. She will co-teach a number of courses within the community health component of the ABSN program.

Academic Program Affiliations
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
  • DrPH - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • MN - University of Washington-Tacoma
  • BSN - University of Washington-Tacoma
Awards and Honors
  • 2015 || Outstanding Contributions to Community/Public Health Nursing Research Award, Association of Community Health Nurse Educators
  • 2013 || Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award, Duke University School of Nursing
  • 2012 || Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Department of Public Health Education, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • 2011 || Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Nominee, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  • 2006 || Gift of Service Award, University of Washington Tacoma
  • 2006 || Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar, University of Washington Tacoma
  • 2006 || Peer Elected Class Speaker 2006 MN Class, University of Washington Tacoma
  • 2004 || Inducted, Sigma Theta Tau International
  • 2002 || Outstanding Teamwork Award, Providence St. Peter Hospital Administration, Sellen Construction, & Giffin Bolte Jurgens Architects (Olympia, WA)
  • 1990 || Inducted, Phi Theta Kappa
Areas of Interest
Experiences of homelessness
Transitional care for homeless persons
Health disparities
Community based participatory research (CBPR)
Qualitative inquiry
Representative Publications
  • 2012 -- PubMed # : 20439470 -- Biederman, D. J. and Sienkiewicz, H. C. and Bibeau, D. L. and Chase, C. M. and Spann, L. I. and Romanchuck, R. and Aronson, R. E. and Schulz, M. R. and Tiberia-Galka, A. Ethnic and racial differences of baseline stroke knowledge in a "stroke belt" community. Health Promot Pract. 13(1); 63-70.
  • 2010 -- PubMed # : 21051756 -- Biederman, D. J. and Nichols, T. R. and Durham, D. D. Maternal navigational strategies: examining mother-daughter dyads in adolescent families of color. J Fam Nurs. 16(4); 394-421.
  • 2009 -- Berry, D. and Turner, M. and Biederman, D. and Flanagan, O. Benefits for Latino, African American, and White children and parents taught together in the same community-based weight management intervention. Hispanic Health Care International. December, 2009 7(4); 203-212.
  • 2005 -- Biederman, D. J. Society's origin. Journal of Emergency Nursing. August, 2005 31(4); 381-382.
  • 2011 -- Francisco, V. T. and Biederman, D. and Cook, G. B. and Sienkiewicz, H. C. and Sickelbaugh, E. and Milner, B. and Krege, M. W. and Benhammou, M. and Poillot-Micca, M. Promoting Community Engagement for Systems Improvement for Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Young Adults: An Action Planning Guide for Community-based Initiatives 2011 .
  • 2013 -- Biederman, D. J. and Nichols, T. R. and Lindsey, E. W. Homeless women's experiences of social support from service providers. Journal of Public Mental Health. 2013 12(3); 136-145.
  • 2014 -- PubMed # : 24528122 -- Biederman, D. J. and Nichols, T. R. Homeless women's experiences of service provider encounters. J Community Health Nurs. February, 2014 31(1); 34-48.
  • 2014 -- Biederman, D. J. Food for thought. Journal of Cultural Diversity. Summer, 2014 21(2); 55.
  • 2014 -- PubMed # : 25051320 -- Biederman, D. J. and Gamble, J. and Manson, M. and Taylor, D. Assessing the need for a medical respite: perceptions of service providers and homeless persons. J Community Health Nurs. July, 2014 31(3); 145-56.
  • 2015 -- PubMed # : 25527124 -- Relf, M. V. and Flores, D. D. and Biederman, D. J. Ending HIV-Related Stigma: Nursing's Opportunity to Lead. J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. Jan-Feb, 2015 26(1); 1-3.
  • 2014 -- PubMed # : 25416429 -- Nichols, T. R. and Biederman, D. J. and Gringle, M. R. Using research poetics "responsibly": applications for health promotion research. Int Q Community Health Educ. 2014 35(1); 5-20.
  • 2014 -- Biederman, D. J. and Lindsey, E.W. Promising research and methodological approaches for health behavior research with homeless persons Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless. September, 2014 23(2); 105-108.
  • 2015 -- PubMed # : 26212466 -- Eggert, L. K. and Blood-Siegfried, J. and Champagne, M. and Al-Jumaily, M. and Biederman, D. J. Coalition Building for Health: A Community Garden Pilot Project with Apartment Dwelling Refugees. J Community Health Nurs. Jul-Sep, 2015 32(3); 141-50.
Grant Funding (Selected)
  • Durham Homeless Transitional Care Program
    Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation 2015 Hillman Innovations in Care Program Grant
    12/2015 to 12/2018
    Role: co-PI
    The Durham Medical Respite Program addresses a pressing unmet need to offer safe discharge options for homeless persons who are too sick for the streets or a shelter, but not sick enough to qualify for continued hospitalization. The Hillman Innovations in Care grant will be used to grow and further develop the Durham Medical Respite Program, a nurse-led, community based initiative which provides safe and supportive respite housing to homeless persons who require a place for healing that is safer than the street or shelters following discharge from a hospital, behavioral health, or jail setting. Hillman funds will help to broaden the role of nurse care coordinators and community health workers, who, in addition to connecting patients to health care for chronic and acute conditions, will help patients navigate access to housing and other benefits. Nursing students and other health professionals will be invited to participate in educational events tailored to the care of populations experiencing homelessness or housing instability. The overall goal of the program is to improve the health and quality of life of homeless and housing insecure patients experiencing care transitions, reduce costs, and reduce care provider’s time and emotional burden.
  • Understanding the Lives of Women Experiencing Homelessness Through Photovoice
    University of North Carolina Greensboro, Office of Leadership & Service Learning
    11/2009 to 06/2010
    Role: Student Researcher
  • Assessing HIV Related Stigma in French Speaking African Immigrant and Refugee Communities
    University of North Carolina Greensboro, Office of Leadership and Service Learning
    11/2008 to 06/2009
    Role: Student Co-Investigator
  • Salishan HOPE VI Evaluation
    Tacoma Housing Authority
    02/2005 to 05/2007
    Role: Research Assistant
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