Devon Noonan

Noonan Receives NIH Grant for Smokeless Tobacco Reduction Study

As a young graduate student, Devon Noonan started to notice a pattern. When children came into her respiratory care unit with breathing problems, more often than not their parents smelled like smoke. “We were not doing a good job addressing the smoking with the parents,” she said, “and yet this was a huge trigger for these kids who kept coming in.” Here was a clear opportunity for a behavior modification that could make whole families’ lives better through prevention now rather than acute care later.

Noonan Receives NIH R01 Award

Congratulations to Devon Noonan, associate professor, and her entire team who received an award for her NIH R01 proposal entitled "A Text-Based Scheduled Reduction Intervention for Smokeless Tobacco Cessation." This proposal is for a five-year period, awarded August 1, 2019 to September 31, 2024.

Noonan and Colleague Receive Award for CTSI Application

Congratulations to Devon Noonan, associate professor; and her collaborator Jenni Dania, of the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina; who have received an award for their Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) application entitled “Optimizing the uptake of evidenced-based lung cancer screening in rural communities of the Northern Piedmont region of North Carolina.” This proposal was awarded $25,000 with a start date of July 1, 2019.

Mobile Technology in the Treatment of Addiction

The Mobile App Gateway is bringing together a group of clinician researchers to discuss the ways that technology has assisted them in understanding and treating different types of addiction and addiction-prone behaviors. Join Devon Noonan, associate professor; Eric Elbogen, professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Joseph McClernon, professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; and Matthew Engelhard, senior research associate in Psychiatry; as they discuss tobacco use, opioid use and pain management.

Shaping the Future of Oncology Education and Practice

Duke University School of Nursing has centered its mission on not only providing an excellent education for future nursing leaders but also to creating a center of excellence for advancing nursing science.

As the field of Oncology nursing has expanded its role, DUSON is proud to have played its part in helping to educate a future generation of oncology nurses while also leading nursing science in oncology research.

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