Donna Biederman

Biederman Participates in Webinar on Current Medical Care of Homeless Population

Donna BiedermanDonna Biederman, associate professor, was invited to be a panelist for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC) webinar, “The Role of Medical Respite Care in COVID-19 Response.” For the webinar, she joined colleagues from Seattle to discuss emerging practices for ensuring safe delivery of medical respite care to homeless persons in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Biederman Receives Duke ICPG Grant For Housing and Health Project

Donna BiedermanCongratulations to Donna Biederman, associate professor, (and her entire team) who received an award for her Duke Intellectual Community Planning Grant (ICPG) proposal entitled: “Housing and Health: A Multi-Sector Community-Driven Approach to Achieving Health Equity.” This award is for a one-year period, beginning January 6, 2020. This project was awarded $4,950 for the one-year project period.

D-CHIPP Partner Spotlight: Durham Housing Authority

The U.S. Housing Act passed in 1949, and in response, the Durham mayor, Dan Edwards, appointed a committee of citizens to address sub-standard housing in Durham. The committee recommended the passage of a sub-standard housing ordinance to empower the city to address poor housing and the passage of an ordinance to establish a housing authority. Shortly after, the Housing Authority of the City of Durham was established. The Housing Authority’s first properties were McDougald Terrace and Few Gardens.

Biederman Serves in Leadership Positions in Health and Housing at the Local, State and National Levels

Donna Biederman, associate professor, recently began serving in leadership roles at multiple levels. 

Locally, Biederman is a Co-chair of the Health and Housing committee of the Partnership for a Healthy Durham. The committee is developing a two-year work plan and has goals related to data availability and quality, awareness and advocacy around affordable housing in Durham. 

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