Karin Reuter-Rice

Reuter-Rice Receives Award from HARD – World Federation of Pediatric Intensive & Critical Care Societies

Congratulations to Karin Reuter-Rice, associate professor, and her entire team who has received an award from HARD – World Federation of Pediatric Intensive & Critical Care Societies for her proposal entitled “Environmental Sensors in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Examining the Relationship of Light and Sound to Pediatric Sleep and Delirium Risk." This project was awarded $10,000 for a one-year project period. 

Reuter-Rice Contributes to New Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines

In the United States, there are more than 600,000 children each year seen in emergency rooms due to traumatic brain injury (TBI), a disruption to the normal function of the brain caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head. Severe TBI results in approximately 7,000 childhood deaths annually, while survivors of the condition may suffer from long-term health conditions such as seizures, learning difficulty and communication disorders.

Reuter-Rice Presents at 42nd American Society of Neuroimaging Meeting in Puerto Rico

Karin Reuter-Rice, associate professor, recently presented "Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound in Pediatric Neurocritical Care: Clinical and Research Applications" at the 42nd American Society of Neuroimaging in Puerto Rico. She presented this topic with her colleagues Kerri LaRovere of Boston Children's Hospital, Brain Appavu of Pheonix Children's Hospital, Nicol O'Brien of Nationwide Children's Hospital, Karen Lidsky of Wolfson's Children Hospital and Darryl Miles of Dallas Children's Hospital.

Reuter-Rice and Colleagues Publish Article in Biological Research for Nursing

Karin Reuter-Rice, associate professor, recently published an article entitled "The Effect of the Relationship of APOE Polymorphisms and Cerebral Vasospasm on Functional Outcomes in Children With Traumatic Brain Injury" in Biological Research for Nursing. Co-authors include Michael Regier, of Verisk Analytics; Ellen Bennett, of Duke University Medical Center; and Daniel Laskowitz, of Duke University Medical Center. 

Reuter-Rice and Hueckel Assume Leadership Positions Within the Society of Critical Care Medicine

Karin Reuter-Rice, associate professor; and Rémi Hueckel, assistant professor; are assuming leadership positions within the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) beginning in Feb. at the SCCM Congress in San Diego. 

Reuter-Rice will be serving as the vice-chair (2019-2020) and chair (2021-2022) for the Society’s Scientific Review Committee. This position includes representation on the Discovery Grant Steering Committee.

Hueckel will be serving as the chair-elect for the SCCM Pediatric APRN Subcommittee.

Several DUSON Members Attend Duke MBA Health Care Conference 2018: Shaping the Future of Health Care

Several members of the DUSON community recently attended the Duke MBA Health Care Conference 2018: Shaping the Future of Health Care. Curated by Duke's Fuqua School of Business Healthcare Club, the Duke MBA Health Care Conference brought together industry experts who are shaping the future of healthcare to share ideas, debate paths forward, foster learning and provoke conversations that matter.

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