Marilyn Hockenberry

Rodgers and Hockenberry Receive NIH R13 Award

Congratulations to principal investigators Cheryl Rodgers (recently deceased) and Marilyn Hockenberry who has received an award for their NIH R13 proposal entitled "Symptom Assessment during Childhood Cancer Treatment: State of the Science Symposium." This award will fund a one-day scientific symposium to bring together experts within pediatric oncology and symptom science in order to develop consensus-based practice recommendations for symptom assessment and to prioritize symptom-related research questions.

Hockenberry Submits NIH R01 Proposal to Study Leukemia Treatment Symptom Clusters

Marilyn Hockenberry and team submitted an NIH R01 transfer application entitled "Phenotype-Genotype Associations with Symptoms During Childhood Leukemia Treatment" requesting funding for a five-year period with a start date of July 1, 2012. The focus on a cure for childhood leukemia over the last three decades has resulted in increased survival rates of > 80%. However, efforts to manage leukemia treatment symptoms have not kept pace with new therapies that promote a cure. Symptom toxicity during treatment can result in complications, treatment delays, and therapy dose reductions.

Hockenberry Submits Children’s Oncology Group Subcontract Proposal

Marilyn Hockenberry submitted a Children’s Oncology Group subcontract proposal requesting funding for a seven-month period with a start date of August 1, 2012. Dr. Hockenberry will participate in the Children’s Oncology Group scientific leadership to assist in achieving COG’s stated research aims and objectives through a process of continuous internal peer review. The work of this committee will assure that COG policies and procedures training in the responsible conduct of research and appropriate access to care issues are addressed effectively.

Hockenberry Submits Application to Study Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Receiving Treatment with Methotrexate

Marilyn Hockenberry submitted a Baylor College of Medicine subcontract. This subcontract arrangement facilitates Dr. Hockenberry’s continued work on her NIH R01 project that will continue at Baylor with their established research team. This subcontract requests funding for a six-month period with a start date of August 1, 2012.

Kennel Presents at Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research Conference on Advancing Ethical Research

Phyllis Kennel presented a poster from the recent work on quality improvement proposals and the Duke IRB process at the Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research Conference on Advancing Ethical Research held November 7-9 in Boston. Poster: Hockenberry MJ, Falletta JM, Kennel P, Walker J. "An IRB Model for Graduate Student Quality Improvement Projects."

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