Ryan Shaw

Shaw Receives Award from Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to Ryan Shaw who has received an award from Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship for an agreement with Nursing & Patient Care Innovations to conduct the study protocol entitled " Line Snugglers Central Venous Catheter Line Covers (CVCLC): Evaluation in an Adult Critical Care Population."  The purpose of this study is to evaluate consumer satisfaction and convenience of a Duke-invented nursing product labeled the Line Snuggler.

Shaw Awarded National Science Foundation Funding

Congratulations to Ryan Shaw and his co-principal investigator, Kris Hauser, Electrical Engineering-Pratt School of Engineering, who have received an award for their National Science Foundation proposal entitled "Customizing Semi-Autonomous Nursing Robots using Human Expertise." This award is for a three year period, awarded September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2021. This project was awarded at $962,572 for the three-year project period.

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