Ryan Shaw

A New Approach to Health: Patients Taking Charge

Dr. Ryan Shaw’s commitment to fitness and health is evident when you first meet him. Lean and athletic, Dr. Shaw is known around Duke School of Nursing for running marathons. He even trained for a Half-Ironman Triathlon while working on his dissertation.

“It was a source of stress relief for me,” Dr. Shaw said with a laugh.

One of the newest faculty members at the School of Nursing, Dr. Shaw’s research is focused on health, chronic diseases and how new technology can help bridge the gap between patient and health care provider.

Researcher Tests Google Glass for Use in Patient Care

Assistant Professor Ryan Shaw, PhD, RN, is exploring how one of the most intriguing and cutting-edge pieces of technology, Google Glass, can help improve patient care. Launched last year by Google, this wearable computer weighs about 1.8 ounces and looks like a pair of glasses. In many ways, the device is like a smartphone but almost completely hands free. The user can check email, search for directions and take videos and photos but with all the information displayed on a “screen” that is in the wearer’s peripheral vision.

2014 CATALYST Award Winners

Rapid changes in learning technologies are creating a sense of urgency – and opportunity – in higher education.  Educators often think that they could make a significant difference in the lives of their students if only they had the opportunity to dedicate themselves to educational innovation.  Thanks to the 2014 CATALYST Awards, five members of DUSON’s faculty are getting the chance to spend a year putting their best ideas into action.

Summertime and the Living Is Easy?

Summertime might mean vacations at the mountains, or the beach for some, but for the faculty of the School of Nursing, summer is anything but being laid back. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, they are engaged around the world expanding their knowledge and sharing their expertise.

We asked the classic question, “So what will you be doing during the summer break?” The following is just a snapshot of some of the answers we received about the activities keeping DUSON Faculty busy this summer:

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